Open Spirit is inspired by international experiences.

Shael, the founder of Open Spirit, traveled around the world and had the privilege to meet many wonderfull teachers. So she participated in a 5 day training with the Dalai Lama, saw Amma for many years, learned from shamans from New Zealand, Siberia, Amerika and Afrika, and met monks and yogi's.

Also she was swimming with dolphins for weeks.


Open Spirit 

Shael combines a lot of spiritual knowledge and inspiration with her experience as a psychologist, child therapist and coach for parents, teachers and other adults. She worked for 15 years in schools with many wonderfull children. She founded Open Spirit in 2002 and works fulltime. 


Mission and Activities :

  • Create more knowledge and awareness about children. Especially 'new age' children, children with seeing and knowing things that many people forgot.
  • Helping children in their proces and mission
  • Educate and support schools by workshops and lectures to understand what is happening with the needs of their population, to recognize the children and change methods and communication
  • Educate people in listening and create a peacefull and joyfull society. Schools are amazing pilots in which the new world can grow. 


If you like any information, please contact: info@openspirit.nl 

Trainings, workshops, lectures are available in your country for a reasonable price.